Dear Goldwater Institute, I Just Had the Best Night of my Life!

Dear Goldwater Institute Staff:

Phoenix Coyotes Game

Last night was the best night of my life! Why you ask? Because, I attended another Phoenix Coyotes game. I love hockey, hockey is my passion, heck, hockey is my life. I cannot imagine my life without MY local hockey team. The Phoenix Coyotes sponsored my career 7 years ago in Kids First Hockey, they provided me with full gear, so that I along with hundreds of other kids could try the sport. I was hooked because of the Phoenix Coyotes generosity. The Phoenix Coyotes are extremely generous, and are always giving back to the community that supports them!

I’m only 10 and I know if I beg my parents enough, I can usually get them to buy me that new hockey stick I want so badly. SO … I am begging you here; because I want he Phoenix Coyotes to say in Arizona, way more than any new, awesome hockey stick. 

The Boys with Derek Morris

PLEASE find a way … any way to allow the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to go through! The Phoenix Coyotes are part of our hockey family, part of our community and we should reachout and help them. PLEASE, please, Please!

Please, don’t let this season be the last time I have the “best night of my life” … please find a way to HELP the Phoenix Coyotes stay in Glendale! Please:) with a smiley face attached!

Sincerely, Patrick W. Murphy (Murph #27)