Warrior Hockey Tournament in Detroit, MI

I had such a great time in Detroit!  The Warrior Hockey Tournament was a great experience and the Phoenix Firebirds got to play some top notch teams.  The Firebirds beat the Michigan Nationals 5-2, but lost to the Mississauga Reps 5-4 and Comcast 4-0, but we tied Victory Honda 1-1.  Not a bad showing for a team from Arizona, eh?

#13 Datsyuk

While we were in Detroit; my mom and I went to Hockey Town Cafe for lunch.  Afterward,  we grabbed some Detroit Tigers play-off game tickets.  I met the goalie for the 2000 Little Caesars’ team outside Comerica Park.  By the 7th inning it was time to head for Joe Louis Arena to see a Detroit Red Wings game.  We had great seats and I was able to see Datsyuk up close.  He is one of my favorite players.  Pavel has some sick stick-handling hands and is an amazing Center!

Max, Adrian & Murph

The biggest highlight for me, was seeing some of my former teammates from the Florida Jr. Panthers.  They were playing in the Elite 99 division at the tournament, they now play as the Florida Alliance.

Skate Sharpening

The guys at Novi Ice Rink did an amazing job sharpening my skates, great cut!  I had a great time in Detroit, and highly recommend the Warrior Hockey Tournament.